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From stress to success: 3 easy habits for better health

Habits can make or break us. Sure, you can build a habit – but the truth is that habits themselves are the building blocks of our actions, the consequences of our thoughts and the catalysts for any...


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What really happens when you take MCT Oil?

MCT is not just a buzzword. It’s one of the most bioavailable sources of energy for the body and brain. MCT oil is a great source of healthy fats that can help improve sports performance, cognitive...


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10 Workout alternatives for people who don't like to workout

The weight loss industry is full of ideas, some crazier than others. This can make losing weight a confusing struggle especially if you're not keen on working out. Help is at hand - our expert in-h...


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Meet Edwina, your new nutritionist

You’ve probably already heard of personalized vitamins, but what makes them so special?

We embrace what makes you unique with a tailor-made mix of vitamins designed especially for you based ...


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How to naturally reduce 'man boobs' this summer

Worried about man boobs? Gynecomastia, to use the medical term, is "a benign proliferation of glandular tissue of the breast in males" (Dr Glenn D Braunstein MD). According to the Cleveland Clinic ...


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5 super easy ways to include turmeric in your daily diet

Turmeric has added taste and color to Asian recipes for centuries, and in recent years it has become popular worldwide. So much so that even coffee-giant Starbucks added a ‘Turmeric Latte’ in their...


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How to stop stress eating

It's 3 a.m. and you find yourself staring at the bright, white lights of the inside of your refrigerator. There's a hunger for something you just can't quite place. Luckily, there's nothing in ther...


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Is garlic a superfood?

Garlic — sometimes referred to as the stinking rose — is used by many cuisines around the world to add flavor to food. This popular herb has also developed quite a reputation for itself as a scent ...


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Defeat your sugar cravings this Christmas & holiday season

Fall through winter, our sugar cravings explode. Long nights and that natural tendency towards putting on fat to last the winter in a cave are partially to blame. But what can you do to fight that ...


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The Ultimate Grocery List for Weight Loss

As they say – ‘you are what you eat’, your food undoubtedly plays a vital role in determining your body physique and overall health. Most of us fall into two main categories: ‘trying to lose weight...



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