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What’s going on down there? 20 things that can happen to your vagina

Most women experience at least one vaginal problem during their life. In most cases, the issue is little more than a temporary irritation. However, there are more serious conditions that often requ...


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How to choose the right prenatal vitamins

Whether you're planning a pregnancy, or it has come as a happy surprise, it's never too soon to start taking care of your precious son or daughter's nutritional health – as well as your own. Taking...


Women's Health Sex

Which birth control method is right for you?

Swipe right, swipe left: dating may have evolved with technology, but the rules are still the same. Some of us may be looking for our soulmates and some of us are just looking for "no strings attac...


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Meet Edwina, your new nutritionist

You’ve probably already heard of personalized vitamins, but what makes them so special?

We embrace what makes you unique with a tailor-made mix of vitamins designed especially for you based ...


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Vaginal steaming: This bizarre wellness trend that everyone is talking about

Vaginal steaming is hot right now. That's right, it's not a typo. This unusual wellness practice has started to spread across the world, and we definitely need to talk about it.

Ever since G...



Sex it up with supplements

Have you ever felt the desire to shed your clothes as spring starts to blossom? Many call this a sexual awakening − and we think it can be a beautiful thing. Introducing the new SPRING SEX PACK mad...


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8 unexpected erogenous zones that need your attention

In case you've been living under a rock for the past two decades, let's refresh your memory with that iconic scene in Friends where Monica explains to Chandler that he's been missing out on not jus...


Sex Energy

12 Aphrodisiacs to Fire Up Your Sex Life

Ever since mankind started to experiment with diet, we have sought out substances to boost our sex drive. That's why every hunter-gatherer culture has its own aphrodisiacs which people have returne...


Sex Brain

This is What Happens to Your Brain When You’re Falling in Love

Remember when Robert Palmer said you’re “Addicted to Love”? While his words were tinged with poetic license, there was a lot of scientific truth in them. Why? Well, it turns out that feelings of lo...


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Everything you always wanted to know about the female orgasm

Few things set up as many polarized opinions than women having orgasms. Few things make us uncomfortably avert our eyes while awkwardly trying to sneak a peek than that big O. Especially when it co...



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