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From stress to success: 3 easy habits for better health

Habits can make or break us. Sure, you can build a habit – but the truth is that habits themselves are the building blocks of our actions, the consequences of our thoughts and the catalysts for any...


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What really happens when you take MCT Oil?

MCT is not just a buzzword. It’s one of the most bioavailable sources of energy for the body and brain. MCT oil is a great source of healthy fats that can help improve sports performance, cognitive...


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How To Trick Your Body Into Going To Sleep

If you regularly lie awake in bed thinking about unanswered emails, the shoes you need to return before the 30-day window expires, veganism, politics and whatever else that’s so heavily weighing on...


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Self-Care & Social Media: If you don't post about it, did you really do it?

Considering the amount of stuff you’ve probably seen about “self-care” on social media as of late, you’d be forgiven for thinking our society has the whole concept nailed down, tied neatly in a bow...


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How to get over a breakup according to science

While every break up is different, one thing all have in common is a in line to give you THE relationship advice on how to get through one. Once you’ve listened to all the albums recommended by you...


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Meet Edwina, your new nutritionist

You’ve probably already heard of personalized vitamins, but what makes them so special?

We embrace what makes you unique with a tailor-made mix of vitamins designed especially for you based ...


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Everything you need to know about biohacking


You may have heard of it. It may have crossed your mind. You may have shuttered it out, thinking it sounded way too complex and, to be honest, inhuman. 

After all, computers ...


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Powerful healing benefits of Reishi Mushrooms

Although the Reishi mushroom is a new entry in the Western world wellness, this dynamic superfood has been used in Asian countries for thousands of years. Nicknamed “king of mushrooms” and “mushroo...


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7 incredible health benefits of Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica)

If you follow the world of natural skin care, anti-aging remedies, mental alertness supplements, and herbal wound care, you may well have come across Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica, CA). Derived from...



Bacopa: The superherb for mood, memory and focus

We live in an age of distraction. When we really need to focus on work or study, there always seems to be ways to divert our attention, from endlessly scrolling through Instagram feeds to bingeing ...



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